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The Austin Discoveries Series: Blues-Rock Band Cause In Effect

       Last weekend–while shamelessly feeding my curiosity and hunger for new discoveries in the Austin music scene–in the midst of my nocturnal haze, I came across blues and rock ‘n’ roll band Cause In Effect.

“We are a very new group but are weathered
young musicians with what we believe to be a great formula.”

      The 8-month-old, Austin-based trio–composed of Josh Googins (guitar, vocals), Z Lynch (bass), Spencer Garland (percussion)–cleverly fed my curiosity with one of their tweets that read, “existentialism is our name, and music is our game. ” Everyone knows existentialism is the only thing I like, so they got my attention. I proceeded to listening closely, I plummeted into absolute fascination. I was impressed, which, quite frankly, never happens.

“The name Cause In Effect is a play on, Cause and Effect,
referring to the eastern philosophical concept of non-duality.”

      I instantly fell in love with their blues/rock ‘n’ roll/ progressive-pop-rock influenced mastered sound, which I eventually discovered was recorded in Chris “Frenchie” Smith‘s recording studio, The Bubble. I can always trust that everything that comes out of Frenchie’s studio. Their sound is very together, very complex–a gourmet meal of sounds–; they sound so mastered that I’d even consider them radio quality. Without a doubt, however, they’re going somewhere, and it is only a matter of time. I have the full intention to figuring out more on them. Brace yourself.

You can listen to a few of Cause In Effect’s tracks on Spotify, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, but can only stream their full debut EP on SoundCloud.

This post is the first of a series that I’ve been meaning to partake in for about 2,000 years. Enjoy and agree that I’m right about everything.


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  1. robin carter says:

    love it! love it!!love it!!!

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